Biome idea: Cloudy Fields

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Core Idea: After defeating a future boss in mistlands or ashlands or one of the high level areas, you discover Sleipnir, the 8-legged horse capable of transporting Odin across the 9 worlds. At the merchant, you can buy food for Sleipnir . You have to tame Sleipnir similar to other animals in the game before you can ride him. Once you can, Sleipnir can take you up to the Cloudy Fields Biome, the land above the clouds where you are among the stars and nearing the edge of the branch of Yggdrasil (the one we can see from the ground).

Resources: (gathering) Cloudberries, Cloudwater, Orichalcum
(woodcutting) thorn of Yggdrassil, branch of Yggdrassil
(mining) mote of stardust, meteor fragment

Enemies: Drakes from the Mountains
Storm Giants (Trolls that throw lightning instead of rocks and have weapons and barding)
Phoenixes (Basically bird-shaped Surtlings; they will respawn if their ashes are not doused in cloud water)
Mares (sleep paralysis demons in norse mythology: they interrupt you if you sleep in this biome. There is a % chance of them attacking when you sleep elsewhere too, sort of this biome's version of "the forest moves".)
I kind of like the idea of what you encounter reflecting the weather (sunny phoenixes, stormy giants, night mares).

Features: Giants have castle-forts they live in. In the basements of these forts is where you can get Orichalcum. Like Troll caves, but larger and there's more than one giant guarding the place. And I was thinking the boss would be in an especially large castle.

I feel like it needs a little more to round it out, what do you guys think or what would you add?


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