Blind Fire for Newbies

So i've seen many people doesn't know how Blind Fire works, here's the trick:
Basically it works the same as Q/E and advanced peek.
Blind Fire = "E" peek/lean.
Blind Fire w/ "E" = Advanced Peek.

Which basically means that regular blind fire has the same distance and places your weapons "aim/cursor/target" as using peek/lean with your Q/E and if you use blind fire with lean/peek ( "E" ) it extends a bit more to the same level as "Advanced Peek", idk what is the default for advanced peek, probs something like Shift+E, basically the movement similar to peek but that goes out alot more.

Basically in situations where you want to use "E" keybind peek you can simply use Blind Fire and in situations where you use the "advanced peek" its the same as blind fire + pressing "E" key.Test it offline before executing.

GL & HF.


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