Bones + Beech seeds = Chance of Birch Tree?

The number of bones in my storage is TOO DAMN HIGH. The thought of using them as fertilizer came to mind, but farming seems pretty well-balanced imo (and I'm well aware that bonemeal has been done to death).

Guess what's not balanced… TREES!!!

With absolutely no way to grow birch trees, my plains biomes are turning into desert biomes! I wanna grow birch trees man!

Edit: adding a comment response with more suggestions:

Expansion options keep coming to mind… Like adding bone to an armor recipe could add thorns damage or increase the armor value. It would be cool to see variability like this in the game's many crafting recipes.

Surtling cores could increase ambient illumination.

Maybe bones do armor and deathsquito needles add thorns.

Obsidian provides fire resist. Crystals frost resist.

You only get to pick one 'modification' though.

Thanks u/WilhelmFinn for the inspiration!


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