Brilliant ‘snitching on’ a fellow imposter

Discovered a brilliant strategy about falsely ‘snitching on’ a fellow imposter. Playing 15 crew with 3 imposter. I got caught killing, and there was no way I could talk myself out of this. But I still wanted to help out my fellow imposters, Green and White.

So, I said “The other two imposters are Purple and White.” I get voted off, of course, then they call an emergency meeting to kick the other imposters. Despite protests, they vote off the crewmate Purple. It says “Purple was not an imposter”

So that means that now they think I lied about BOTH Purple and White being imposters, and everyone thought that White has got to be crew. My surviving imposter buddies won thanks to me telling a half truth.

And the thing is that people are generally systematic. So I knew they were gonna vote out the innocent Purple first, because I listed him first. Sometimes the best way to win is to make them think you are lying and then tell the truth.

Now that this strategy is out there, I’m not sure how useful it will be in the long run once the meta changes.


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