Bring some life in your stash by tagging your containers with emojis ❤

Hi everyone!

beggar / beggarboy / ThePhoenixRoyal here.

While playing around today I found out that you can actually use emojis in tarkov for containers.This will most likely work the same with gunbuilds since I think the string validation and fonts are the same pipeline.

Since nobody likes long texts, here's a quick tutorial:

  1. RMB @ Container –> Tag
  2. Click into the textbox
  3. Press Win + . — this opens the emoji menu.
  4. Press Save, non-supported Emojis will be displayed as boxes. [ ]

Textbox View

Container View

Example Stash

Feel encouraged to post any symbols you found that work!

I personally have found around 16~ that work with the font.

Have fun with this

beggar 🦝


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