Bullet Chart Re-done (Work in Progress)

Hello All!

Have you ever experienced an issue of trying to find the right round for you and your trusty firearm? But upon looking for the best round there is no one great source of finding the best round or one round to rule them all? Well, I sure have and have decided to create something of it.

I have begun compiling data from the Escape from Tarkov Wiki and Forums on Bullets/Ballistics/Damage/Speed etc… to help find the best round for you. In the link, bellow holds an excel sheet that was uploaded to google drive for you to download. Some features have not been fully implemented such as the section called "Bullet Finder" which allows the user to select the round type and what they want it to do in a drop-down list and the cells will return around suited for them.

Without further delay here is the link



Let me know what you want to see comment here.

Planned Things:

– Bullet Finder

– Correct Currency if cant be Bought in Dollars

– Google Drive Compatible

– Real-Time Flea Market Retrieval Prices (If EFT Devs gives us an online Market to look at)

Side note:

This is something I have decided to do for the fun and there is a possibility of it not being completed or updated. Also, this is 100% free and use it at your own free will and sharing it with others. If possible show this post some love and tell people where you got it from. Thanks!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/duijxf/bullet_chart_redone_work_in_progress/

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