Callout maps for Woods, Reserve, Shoreline and Customs

TLDR; callout maps for woods, reserve, shoreline and customs.

Hello boys and girls.
Recently i made some callout maps for my group and its been working out very nice for us, a game changer for me at least.

I wanted to return something to community and translated all the maps i made and put them here for you beautiful rats to use if you choose so. I havent asked anyone for any permision to post these, but did credit them (map creators/editors) as they were before my edit (i can take em down if its a problem for anyone).

Hope you like and use them, see you ingame 🙂





Zip file with everything

Few more things: 

– yes i know they are bad resolution, i used a web browser to make them and didnt really care for higher res. Also there might be some bad grammar but english is not my first language, so yea. 

– included zip file with all the work, files are .pxz extension and can be opened on pixlr website with photo editor E, all layers and images are inside (there are also clean versions of maps in layers), so you can edit them (delete specific callouts, change font, colors etc.) to your preference if you would like less detailed maps. Just be sure to open .pxz file and not .jpg 😉

– i have them in Croatian laguage as well, but there are few "personal" callout, PM me if you need em  

– feel free to edit them and do whatever you want, no need to ask me for whatever

– no, i cant make Reserve with true North orientation

– yes, South on Shoreline really is on the shore side


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