Can we get a way to disable raids and a gamerules menu?

I'm fine with raids myself, but I'm also playing with people (different characters, same single player game) who are playing just to build and have fun. I don't want to ruin their experience by killing bosses and triggering tougher raids, but we also want to progress and get new items without having to deal with drakes leveling everything. My younger sister had her massive house that she spent 20 hours building ruined in 60 seconds by a troll raid.

I'd love it if the devs added a gamerules menu that had options to change some aspects of the game like disabling raids, teleporting metals, keeping inventory at death, disabling skill loss, disabling food needs, or disabling stamina/health. Perhaps there could also be a difficulty setting that changes damage done/taken.

Different people have different play styles, adding the ability to change the game to suit the different types of players seems like a good addition. Purists/hardcore players can leave the settings alone, but if someone wants to enable teleporting ore because they just want to build without spending half their time moving ore, that doesn't seem like a horrible thing.


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