Can we host a Helm’s Deep reenactment?

My buddy and I were going to make the fortress from Helm's Deep (Hornburg?) until I saw it on here today (Wow). But, there's a mod to borrow structures and add them to your server, and there's a mod to increase server size, and with ValheimPlus you can mess with mob settings and I'm sure there are other mods to increase mob spawn rate if that's not in V+ as well.

So, can we try and set up a 50-100 person server of defenders, and make hundreds of goblins spawn and have an epic battle?

Preferably we can also increase the size of the goblins.

"So it begins."

Update: Sooo I'm struggling even getting the mods going. I believe I've got ValheimPlus and a simple UI overlay working, but getting mobbed by errors from Vortex.

You all modding with Vortex?


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