change stonecutter materials use

Valheim – Quick Tips to Start

Running a new hearth and home playthrough, and gave my new character 6iron to use for stonecutters and loved it.

By the time you clear the meadows, and start the black forest, mining copper starts yielding lots of stone. If your a builder, this is where bases start really taking off – smelting rooms, forge rooms, more crafting upgrades.

But there's nothing to build with the gob tonnes of extra stone coming in! It's a HUGE difficulty/access leap from BF to swamp – haven't had a seed yet that didn't involve sailing to find one, and even then crypts are NOT gauranteed. And in that huge gap, the base gets built out in wood to whatever it needs. And stone builds up in chests…

Stonecutter should be a bronze item:
+ Use the stone coming in, when it comes in
+ Give the stone cutter an upgrade (needs iron) that allows it to make the grinding whee (still stone and wood) to upgrade the forge.
+ Stone is all aesthetic anyway! You can make an invincible fort with a hoe and pick axe (ditch + raise ground) so this would not affect power level AT ALL.

I can't see a downside to this, but I'm sure that won't stop y'all. Also sure this isn't the first time it's been suggested.


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