Changes 15+16-01-2021

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Weight Changes:


New Crafts:

ModuleItems RequiredCraft TimeOutput
INTEL 2RFID x1 + Flash Drive x3 + VPX + 21WS Keycard65h32m#11SR Keycard
INTEL 3RFID x1 + Lab Access Keycard x12 + Yellow Keycard x3 + Intel x7 + Magnet x3104h26mViolet Keycard
INTEL 3Paper x1 + Flash Drive x331h40mIntel Folder
LAVATORY 2Ducttape x2 + Insulating Tape x2 + Clin Wiper x11h19mKEKTAPE
WORKBENCH 1Hard Drive42mMagnet
WORKBENCH 2PCB x6 + CPU x2 + Capacitors x5 + RAM x22h16mMilitary Circuit Board
MEDS 2Adrenaline x1 + AI-2 x2 + Medpile1h9mAntidote xTG-12

Changed Crafts (new version only shown)

ModuleItems RequiredCraft TimeOutput
WORKBENCH 3Green Gunpowder x2 + Blue Gunpowder x14h26m7.62x39mm BP x260
MEDS 3Soap x3 + Shampoo x2 + Medpile55mVaseline x2
INTEL 2Lab Access Keycard + Signal Jammer x253h20mRFID

New Trade:

Thera LL2Emelya CroutonsRye Croutons

New Quest:

HunterJagerKill Shturman 30 Times

Boss Spawn Rate:


Customs Max Player count reduced by 1 to 12.

IFAK Heals Heavy Bleeds for 210hp Resource.

VSS, VAL and GL40 can spawn again.
ASH-12 and Mk-18 .338 can spawn now.

Gluhar Spawning issues reported as fixed.

Previous changes:


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