Changing my pagefile fixed constant micro stutters on an older config

I just want to put this out there, i know there are many posts about it from years ago. I tried to fix this for days, I had terrible micro stutters( unlike most of the ones you see posted often) when i loaded in on any map ( also long load times), and i had to restart my game after every raid or it would get worse to the point of unplayable. Probably because i only have 8GB of RAM.

I also just bought a "new" CPU, and i was suprised the game runs worse than before. I haven't played since Reserve came out and Tarkov exploded in streaming.

So i noticed my HDD would turn on everytime i load into a raid, and after some searching i put 10-14GB pagefile on my SSD, but left windows manage my HDD for it as well. The problem still persisted.
So i ended up disabling pagefile on my HDD and left the 10GB on my SSD now the game runs super fine and i can finally play, the HDD only activates when i return back to the main menu after a raid as well.
This might not help everyone, but maybe people with only 8GB of RAM find this useful.


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