Club Glock

Been playing 95% this wipe with nothing but a Glock and AP ammo. That’s it. No backpack, chest rig, armor, helmet, Nades.. just meds in my gamma and 2 spare clips.

Hit level 20 in a few days, made fat ₽ stacks early on, died a few extra, but made it all up and came out thicc a few times. Hell, more then a few.. and now that I’m used to it: I’m consistently sweeping in/out of Dorms before anybody even knows what happened, I’m wiping Factory consistently. I’m beating everybody to Interchange Tech. – “did somebody order the graphics cards and Tetriz double stuffed corn hole?” .. you get the point. maybe

There’s nothing like watching a kitted person scramble their britches when they miss 3/4 their shots, come to reload, and homeless pistol dude comes flying weightlessly around the corner bleeding all over the joint without a care in the world. Valhalla man incoming. People lose their composure when they see this happen.. the good players know that I’m faster and more agile, and for anywhere from a split second to an entire fight later they’re discombobulated.. this is where you take full advantage and pull some Keanu Reaves shit. Whack em in the face with an axe, or better yet — an AP slug to the retina.

But one things for certain: Playing with nothing but a pistol, and you’ll learn a lot about the little things in this game that build up to the bigger picture.

You’ll now remember where those once irrelevant Med. bags are at. You’ll learn how to hide and rogue out of situations where teams of big boys come strolling through. You’ll come to know how to dodge, how to trick people; Hell, you might soon be wiping Factory in a clip or 2.

You’ll come to learn the most dangerous areas in and out; when and where people will most likely be in those spots with full examinational focus..
because when you got just a pistol and 17 bullets to lose, who freakin’ cares? You’ll make it all back x3 in 5 minutes anyways.

So if you’re bored, tired of being scared, need some extra training without having to go onto online mode. Whip that MF pistol out, stuff some gear in your prison wallet, and get good with a pea shooter.

Once you master that piece of shit, those skills will transfer over; you’ll go from ‘72 Pinto to Optimus Prime.


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