Common tasks guide

If you have do not have wires, yet you see someone doing wires, report it immediately. They are the imposter. Same with any task on the list below (see section 1b). Common tasks are tasks that everyone should have. If you do not have any of these tasks and you see someone else doing them, report it to the rest of the crewmates.

  • Fix Wiring – All maps
  • Swipe Card – The Skeld and Polus
  • Enter ID Code – MIRA HQ exclusive
  • Scan Boarding Pass – Polus exclusive
  • Insert Keys – Polus Exclusive


Remember, this can also work the same way with some 2 part tasks. If you see someone immediately go to download in admin, or go and divert the power in Cafeteria, they are the imposter. Downloads can have a max of 2 people assigned to one location if you see 3 people downloading at Weapons for example, one of them is an imposter. It can never start at Admin, as that is the Upload location. If you see someone go to any wires task that is not mentioned in the list below as their starting task, it is them.

  • Cafeteria
  • Admin
  • Storage
  • Electrical
  • Navigation


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