Common Tasks: Lesser known way to rat out imposters.

Common tasks are sometimes pretty unknown(and before you downvote me to hell for stating the obvious, let me explain to the people who do need to know this.)

There are only 2-3 common tasks per map, and if you have it, anyone has it. This means that if "Apple" has the task: "fix wires", then everyone in the crew has it. If Apple sees Carrot doing "Swipe card", and Apple does not have that task, its pretty much guaranteed that Carrot is an imposter. I have done this countless times, yet so many don't believe me because of lack of knowledge.

And a shoutout to those imposters: Stick to the fake tasks provided to you.

That's all I have, thanks for reading

EDIT: List of all tasks:

Card Swipe(Skeld)

Fix wires(Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus)

Enter ID code(Mira HQ)

Scan boarding pass(Polus)

Insert keys(Polus)




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