Common Tasks

Disclaimer: This is my first time writing a guide so I apologise if it is badly laid out (I am on Mobile)

I feel that some people do not know what these are so I shall explain.

Common Tasks are tasks that all the Crewmates share.

For example, if one Crewmate has Swipe Card, then all Crewmates will have Swipe Card.

Common Tasks are a good way to rat out the Imposter. Lets say you see someone doing Swipe Card in The Skeld but the Common Task is Fix Wiring. That person is the Imposter. This is a good way of getting the Imposter voted out early but the chances are nobody believes you and you get voted out.

The maximum amount of Common Tasks the Host can set are 2.

List of Common Tasks:


• Card Swipe (Admin)

• Fix Wiring (Admin, Cafeteria, Electrical, Navigation, Security, Storage)


• Enter ID Code (Admin)

• Fix Wiring (Greenhouse, Hallway, Laboratory, Locker Room, Storage)


• Insert Keys (Dropship)

• Scan Boarding Pass (Office)

• Fix Wiring (Decontamination, Electrical, Laboratory, O2, Office)

Thank you for reading my guide. Please give feedback. Stay safe and have fun!


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