Walheim - five bosses

First of all, I love Valheim.

But I think the concept with these tiny islands with the different bioms on them, is wasting a lot potential.

I love the idea, that there is one continent for each biom.

You start on a huge Meadow island. You build your base and gear up. Optimally there are minibosses and dungeons with special loot so you have to explore the hole island.

When you are ready, you kill the first boss and it drops materials for your first boat.

You enter your boat and search for the blackforest continent. There you have to start over and build a new base.

You can build portals to port around on the current island but not back to the meadows. You can go back by boat and maybe the second boss can drop material for a portal to the previous islands.

You gear up again und explore the island, kill the boss, take food and materials to your boat and go to the ocean and search for the swamp.

Therefore it needs the possibility to have seeds to plant the plants from previous islands like strawberry, blueberry, thistles and so on.

I like the idea, that you have to start over and build a new base everytime and have to deal with the different environments and hazards.

What do you think?

Sorry, english is not my first language 🙂


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