Crash to Desktop fix – pagefile – feed that RAM pig

Like a lot of players, I have 16 GB of RAM and would experience a CTD, bad stutters or lockup at random times and not every raid. I tried everything to fix it it: changed my CPU overclock speed, disabled overclocking, XMP in BIOS and other fiddling, driver and Windows updates, killed background processes, min-maxed game and graphics settings –ram cleaner etc. Nothing worked. Then I checked my pagefile and it was manually set to "recommended" size (min and max) on my fastest SSD. This is a rather common setting I must have set months ago and is recommended all over the place as a way to kill stutters (because if it's set to "system managed" Windows may have to allocate more pagefile while a game is playing and you get a stutter in performance, further, your Windows drive may not be your fastest). I figured, what the hell, and set it to equal RAM at 16 GB. And what do you know? Presto. Not a single CTD in 24 hours. Turns out Tarkov is a RAM pig and those guys posting "32GB is better" are right. Better yet, order some more RAM: I just bought 4×8 of the fastest DDR3 and am waiting on the mail.


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