Crazy FPS boost on RTX 3xxx/RX 6xxx series

I've been attempting to run EFT on 144hz to no avail. Unfortunately I only got an average of 60FPS on Customs with my RTX 3070 (high texture, low shadows, TSAA on 1920×1080).

Today I discovered that it's now possible to enable resizable-BAR with a BIOS update for my MSI B450 motherboard. "Resizable BAR is a feature that allows a processor to see the entire video memory of a discrete GPU as a single addressable block, rather than through 256 MB apertures.". It also seems to be possible for newer ASUS motherboards now.

I was shocked to see that my FPS boosted from a measly 60 FPS to, believe it or not, 145 FPS. I ran the test on the same spot in Customs. My FPS was uncapped on both tests.

So if you have a newer graphics card that supports resizable BAR (and a supported motherboard), make sure to enable this option in your BIOS and see how EFT performs.


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