Creating a Valheim world that is alive?

Hi, I'm thinking on how to go about creating a Valheim world that feels alive, where villages and cities would emerge out of player interactions in certain areas. I've been dabbling around on the comfy Valheim server but in my opinion that kinda feels like a plentifull Island has been ravaged by Shell and Enron and all the heavy metals have been extracted. Creating NPC's as shopkeepers or something with mods is an option but I'm a bit of a systems thinker, I used to do some game dev myself and I would really like it if such trade NPC's and quest givers respond to location-based player activity. It would be even cooler if factions would emerge that can hold, conquer or lose territory. It's quite a different game then but I'm a bit sick of building useless buildings only for my own aesthetic enjoyment. Thoughts?


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