Current BTC mining chart of Rubles per hour and payback rates

The gamepedia table for BTC prices is ludicrously out of date at the moment, as I'm sure this post will be within the next 1 to 100 days, given the volatility of the BTC market.As someone that has just been sitting on a 1 Graphics Card farm for weeks now, I wanted to make a chart analyzing the value add of additional cards.The most important column for me is the Value Add column (although only the first two rows really matter after the calculations)The Value Add column is, given the increased mining rate of adding a Graphics Card, how many days would it take to pay off that additional Graphics Card you put in.

This chart is duplicated for both Flea Market graphics cards (buying vs selling) as well as vendoring a graphics card stolen away in your gamma after hatchet running to Techlight for the 100th time.

My conclusion:Given the immense payback time, buying flea market Graphics Cards isn't really worth it compared to just selling them at their ludicrous price.And this may seem obvious, but a 3.6 day refund time for plugging a not found in raid Graphics Card in your farm is enough to consider being worth doing.Not really a redditor, just a data nerd, made this for myself and I thought maybe someone else might appreciate it.

Zip file of image and source spreadsheet (various formats)

All chart values are reference calculated from the BTC price, Graphics Card costs, Jaeger fuel cost and the Hours(decimal) column.The whole table will update its corresponding calculated values when any of these cells are updated

Notes:Fuel cost is present only for convenience, but not included in Rubles/time or payback calculations because I couldn't be bothered adding hideout management skill level modifiers into the mix as wellBTC farm creation/upgrade costs are omitted since the price for the components vary wildlyThe whole chart assumes that you never miss a BTC harvest

Sorry if this is a redundant post or if there's already a better, up-to-date, spreadsheet of this data that I'm unaware of.

Edit: Added image of spreadsheet


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