Decent strategy for winning as Imp

So, let’s say you are an Impostor playing on the skeld. The game goes until someone gets voted on four. Now there is two crew and one Imp. Now your first instinct would be to sabotage immediately to stop the emergency meeting, but what if they actually fix the sabotage? What would you do now?

Well here is what I do in a two-crew-one-imp scenario

  1. Sabotage reactor to stop the meeting

  2. Do NOT leave the cafeteria and camp the button

  3. Spam the fuck out of the upper and lower engine doors. This is to ensure that in the event of the players successfully fixing reactor before your kill cooldown ends you still have more time to end your cooldown

  4. After the upper and lower engine doors close, spam the fuck out of the cafeteria door. That way if your cooldown still isn’t over you can get a few more seconds

  5. Kill. Simple enough

And badda-bing badda-boom you win.
(Note: strategy doesn’t work on Polus or Mira, since on Polus doors can be closed during sabotages, and Mira has no doors to close)


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