Declaring Jihad on all chads!

Arent you tired? Just admit it, YOU ARE. The Chads are destroying us normal players i mean when was the last time you went into a raid with low to medium gear loot and had a respectable fight without getting disfigured by a rich twat with a 10 million loadout. This is why i said its enough and so do I AeroTheChadHunter69 DECLARE JIHAD ON CHADS!!!!!! Join me brothers join me we can fight this we will win the gods are with us and our rat blood will not give us peace untill the war is won and the barren wastelands of tarkov are cleansed of these vicious killers JOIN ME BROTHERS (and sisters) PUT A CHADHUNTER IN YOUR NAME AS A WAY OF MARKING YOURSELF! We have suffered long enough it is time for the rats to be unleashed! Go on take your shotguns and your makarovs and charge into fight full of glory and flaming blazes in your eyes thirsty for them chad dogtags and start cleansing them all chads untill no more are seen with all the rat strats you have ever learned TO ARMS RATS TO ARMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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