Dev wishlist: spawn points on boats (avoids portals), and tapered building components. As always Thank You to Iron Gate for one hell of a great game!

Our server has decided that after we defeat the final boss we are going to remove the vast majority of our portals and explore the world as immersively as possible. The challenge we face is one of time. Some of us have no kids, others have very young kids, and some have older kids. If we cannot all log in at the same time it is nearly impossible for us to stick together as we explore. If there were some method for us to be all roughly in the same area at once as the group moves and different members log in or out, it would make exploration much easier and cohesive. Perhaps set the mast of boats as a multiplayer spawn point, or create reserved slots in karves and longboats holds as spawn point instances, or create items that other players can carry as part of their inventory (but that may be making things too easy.)
Also, tapered building components, please? I'm building round towers and they're looking sketchy as hell if I try and use the proper offset layout of blocks to maintain 'structural integrity'.
Thank you Valheim!


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