Devs: Can you please make these two changes for PvP, I know that isn’t your focus but they should be easy to implement and would be a huge QoL improvement for PvP (going by my experience at least)

fictional character

One:The Ward recipe is currently 5x Fine wood, 5x Greydwarf eyes and 1x surtling coreChange it to 20x regular wood, 5x Greydwarf eyes and 1x *any* trophy.

The Ward works by emitting a strong aura. Sacrificing a creatures head to make an aura would maintain the existing lore side of things.

Two:Make buildings under the protection of a Ward take a lot less damage from players. I am talking instead of 20 hits with a stone axe destroying a wall, make it 200+, ideally make it hurt the tool more too.

From what I have seen with dnSpy these changes should be relatively straight forward to implement and they would make a huge difference to the viability of PvP in the game.

A big reason for buffing the Ward is simply, why not? You devs don't have a focus on PvP. You don't balance the game around PvP. So why not just buff an item like the Ward which is only really useful in PvP? What's to lose?

I won't try to qualify it any further, hopefully you guys see the merit and implement the change for me.

Edit: Affectionate_Oil_284 pointed out that as an anti griefing tool you could get trapped by a player and Ward and never be able to get out, I am thinking a suicide command would be needed or a similar option to facilitate the changes I wanted so that may well be a deal breaker.


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