difficulty setting?

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hey, i love this game. like, alot. ive been playing it with someone else and even together its a big challenge. it is advertised as a brutal survival game, so im not complaining, but i would absolutely love if there was a difficulty setting, maybe with less damage from monsters/less death penalty? i dont know.

i just love the exploring, crafting, building… once we took a boat, just swam across the sea in a straight line until we found an island, got so excited, saw a goblin aaaaand got oneshot so had a huge way to pick our stuff back up. we also dont watch any guides/spoilers bc we wanna discover everything ourselves (so if this idea has been brought up already, which i can imagine, i havent seen it), so yeah, that probably makes it even more hardcore.

maybe someday there will be kind of an exploring mode?
idk man i just love the world and i want to discover it all without the big penalties, if someday that would be possible that would be super neat 🙂

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/omfynm/difficulty_setting/

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