Does anyone else think it would be nice if when the same biome appears in different places it could have some variations with how it look?

New Valheim update

If you've seen one Black Forest you've seen them all for example, but if you knew they can look a little different it might feel more exciting to travel and explore.

Someone here once asked one of the devs about this and they basically said that they had discussed this a lot but had no solution.

Could "mixed" biomes be a solution?

While I'm sure the devs have already thought of this – couldn't one solution be to do what happens at the edge of the Mountains biome, where the ground gets covered with some snow? If this "mixed" area of two nearby biomes was spread out over a large area or an entire biome, it would create some variation. The snow blows off Mountains and covers the nearby biomes with a half-covering layer of snow, or at least a large part of them, as well as maybe large boulders and just in general a more mountain-like shape to the ground. A Black Forest near a swamp might have a flatter ground and have the same giant trees that are in the swamp except that they have now look more Black Foresty with leaves and just look prettier. Or a swamp that is located near deep water might be mostly submerged in water, so the only way to travel through it is either by boat or by swimming between fallen trees and pieces of ground, or climbing from tree to tree.

If you have a favorite mixed biome, like a Black Forest with giant swamp trees, and you want to build your base in such a place and you explore the world in the hopes of finding one, it would make mapping out the world and the different biomes' placements a pretty exciting process, like constantly waiting to win the lottery.



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