Don’t get stuck on Therapist/Jaeger supply quests!

The chads all have access to the flea market and you are stuck on Car Repair and General Wares… This guide is for the newer players or those who don't have time to play 5 hours a day.

Scav onto Interchange and go straight to Goshan – – The Idea-side wall of Goshan now spawns several dozen food items per raid, everything but Iskra's and MRE's. Craft the Iskra's using the canned food you get from those supply runs or check weapon boxes, which for some reason have a very high chance to spawn MREs on Interchange. Check the raid timer once you spawn, if you have 30+ minutes remaining you hit the jackpot. If you have sub-20, it's likely a PMC has checked Goshan already.

You can make 4 relatively safe stops on your way out.

  1. Two weapon boxes in the center lane of Goshan near the large truck. Shelves to the left of the truck (if you are looking inwards of Mall) spawn almost any weapon attachment in the game. Check this for good scopes or Gunsmith parts.
  2. Personal storage lockers on the OLI-side of Goshan next to the cash registers spawn Gold Chains, Chainlets, and other valuables. I even found a bitcoin there this wipe. Sell it all to Therapist for cash infusion so that you can afford Trader gear until you unlock the Flea.
  3. Check for car batteries on the way out. The Goshan shelves near OLI spawn car batteries; there will almost certainly be at least one car battery in Goshan per raid. They often clip under the shelves so only the blue lid is peaking out. Other shelves nearby also spawn both types of Tushonka. The most common battery spawn I've seen are the two rows of shelves directly next to the double door exit.
  4. Exit through the back alley that heads to the shipping yard. There are two grenade boxes before you leave the building. One is inside the open shipping container to the right of the door (also spawns weapon attachments on top of green crates), one on wood pallets to the left. Grenades are ultra powerful early-wipe and Fuses are future-VOGs with the Level 1 Mechanic barter.

Don't get greedy and head to Rasmussen or Mantis. Grab the food and head to Emercom extract. Check those 4 spots on your way out if it seems safe. If you really need Iskra's and you are willing to take the risk, the LAV next to Emercom extract has a black weapon crate that has an almost 100% spawn rate of lunchboxes. But stopping to stand still next to Emercom is not a safe practice.

May luck and prosperity find you this wipe!

P.S. This is still a great run once you unlock the flea! All the items in Goshan are incredibly valuable early wipe. If you see a friendly player scav, drop them any Tushonka you've already found and watch their ecstatic reaction. They might drop you something nice in return.


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