Easiest/Most Efficient Scav Route

This is the run Ive been using for 90% of my Scav runs this wipe to get easy hideout/barter items, task items, keys, etc. without running into PvP and being able to extract with a full inventory of FIR loot

Every time your Scav timer is ready, load into Interchange and run straight to the power station. There, you get consistent Gas Analyzer/other rarer barter/task/hideout item spawns, tons of jackets, cabinets, PC’s, and toolboxes

There are also tons of AI scavs so if a PMC were to sneak in you have over a dozen AI scavs to at the very least alert you of a PMC’s presence

After looting, just run straight to Emercom and extract, plus you have solid chance of scoring some dropped backpack loot since you pass the Hole in the Fence extract on the way there

This has gotten me through countless tasks and hideout upgrades incredibly quickly, especially for those struggling to find gas analyzers or really any hideout/barter items

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/p3fnmv/easiestmost_efficient_scav_route/

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