Easy Money Guide

With the recent introduction of scav rep, scavenging has become an insane way of making money in this game. Player scavs are friendly now, so all you have to worry about are pmc’s. For that reason I recommend only scaving on big maps (customs, woods, reserve, etc.) and do not scav to factory unless you want pvp action/practice.

I’ve been running customs because it seems like they upped the spawn rate for reshala in this wipe. Do not loot buildings as pmc’s will have already hit all the good spots. Rather run to spawn locations of bosses and look for bodies. Pmc’s will not have enough room to take everything, so guns and ammo will be plentiful. In two days of being back in the game, I’ve managed to rack up over a mil and bought the junk box plus I have mdr’s, m4’s, ak-103’s, and plenty of ammo to fill them all.

I repeat the new meta for scavs is to look for bodies in boss spawn areas. You might even be lucky enough to loot a few pmc’s who died to the boss.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/oruy8e/easy_money_guide/

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