EVENTS: Stop Bitchin.

The entire reason wipes exist is that the gameplay loop of tarkov begins to stagnate once a good chunk of the player base reaches maxed out power/stashes.

Events are the only thing with even a possibility of keeping this game fresh late wipe.

To address some common complaints:

"I'm new, I didn't know events were a thing and I wasn't prepared"

Well congrats, you now have a chance of playing a game where you don't get bulldozed by Chads with maxed out armor. During events everyone has to deal with changing game mechanics and it equalizes your chances. You were always playing behind since you weren't playing since day1 of wipe.

"I'm a veteran, and my stash is so full of boxes of giga ammo, supplies, etc that I didn't have room to save extra armor."

Congrats Chad, maybe now you'll finally get a challenge that you haven't felt since day 5 of wipe. Maybe you will feel a sense of life and excitement now that your neverending streak of wins has been shaken up.

To anyone else:

The events don't last long so if you don't like it then go touch some grass for a week and come back when it's done.


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