Everyone go report “Eris Loris” on Youtube !!Important!!

Eris Loris is a youtube channel that constantly hacks into among us, renders the game unplayable to users and spams in the chat to subscribe to their you tube channel.

Now I know this has been happening to quite a few people cause i have seen a lot of reddit posts about it.

Today it happened to my brother while we were playing. Now everytime he starts a game, the screen is black and the chat gets spammed. It is always the red player, who is most of the time saying things like “subscribe to Eris Loris on Youtube” like ten times in a row. And also the player that says this always has no name.

So if everyone who sees this goes onto Youtube, searches “Eris Loris” and reports their channel for unwanted commercial content or something similar, then we can stop them by taking down their Youtube channel.

Among us is such a fun game, but lately I have been getting the feeling that it is being completely ruined by hackers and trolls. I want to take my revenge by taking down the one of the most common and annoying ones of them all.

But to do that I need your help reddit.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jha6k5/everyone_go_report_eris_loris_on_youtube_important/

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