Expansion Ideas for Valheim. How do we improve the game?

My current idea: … I have many and also feel free to brain storm with me.

  1. Boss fights need mechanics. Think of a game like Ocarina of Time. Picture this… the second boss in the game you would first have to enter a puzzle like Zelda dungeon and once your reached the boss you still have to summon him the same, still have to find him the same. Then once the boss fight starts make it like a 2 or 3 phase fight. Like phase 2 would be you have to cut the roots up before he takes any damage.
  2. Add more music loops for each zone. I used a mod and did on my own. Why? The one Meadows song is annoying after awhile! I added some Skyrim / World of Warcraft grizzly foothills/ Witcher 3 in my version of the game.
  3. Installing texture packs to this game is AMAZING! I have all the current ones available installed. I cherry picked the best ones and combined them! "HD Valheim" is INSANELY BETTER.

My Valheim experience so far. This game has great potential. I currently have 20 mods installed to make the game way better. I was able to balance the combat so I could move around more and still be in danger. Meaning the boss can kill me in about 3 or 4 direct solid hits, and I can also kite shortly to regen some of my hp back up. I did a test to see if I could just walk up and spam my attack with no dodges or blocks and I could only get him to half health before death. I think that is about perfect for me. The game feels waay better when the Viking character has great mobility, stamina, run speed, yet you want the boss to have good damage against you also. There is a mod called Vitality that really helps. I also installed another mod that reduced fall damage. I was able to run and jump so high that I was having problems taking fall damage. Also I think playing the bow skill at 100 is less fun than having it at around 55. Why? because having to pull the bow back and wait feels better to me, and having to calculate and predict the bullet drop is more fun!

If anyone wants me to make a video of my modded boss fight let me know and I'll make one.

My advice to everyone is TURN OFF any overlay setting Nvidia/AMD/DISCORD to make the game run better. I run a high end pc and I'm super picky about frame drops / stutter but there are videos on YouTube that help get your settings perfect. I have increased run speed so I am cruising in my version of the game so this was needed for me.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/mdxp9i/expansion_ideas_for_valheim_how_do_we_improve_the/

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