ez money strat: the factory scav spam

spawn -> walk immediately to exfil, only stopping to kill scavs and loot jackets if you come across them -> vendor/flea everything you won't use -> repeat in 10/20min

sometimes you spawn with insane shit, so it's valuable to run as many as possible. you'll spawn with keycards, intel, and tank shells decently often, but alot of the more common stuff sells for good cash on the flea (SVDS, big AKs, gas masks, filters, keys, stims etc.). guns vendor for alot, so if you snag 4-5 on your way out that's an ez 100k+ just in dealer trash. not to mention the occasional full kit from a dead juicebox.

factory runs only take a couple of minutes, so it gets your cooldown timer started sooner vs. other maps—plus you don't really care if you die on any one run because you're spamming them

I've been doing this for the past 2 weeks and the money is nuts. I have a tinfoil hat theory that the jackets in factory have better loot than other maps' jackets; I've snagged several marked keys (custys and reserve), 2 KIBA keys and an ultra med key (!).

last week I recorded the results of 10 runs over ~2 hours total (intel center 3 cuts scav cooldown by almost half): I died 3 times and took in ~3.5M rubles + a metric assload of meds and useful barter items

give it a try if you find yourself broke—just wanted to share because it's available from level 1 and has worked well for me 🙂 the only tip I have is don't run because people will chase pretty often lol

pestily actually made a side comment during one of his streams about running factory scavs like this, I'll have to find the vod.

edit: make sure to check your mags—I spawned with 70 rounds of big BP on my last run (~85k)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/mdyree/ez_money_strat_the_factory_scav_spam/

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