Few ideas for future

Is Valheim coming

Hi guys, I love the game, I have yet to play more of H&H update, but when reading through posts, I came to some ideas I would love to see in future (maybe optional ones, if some people hate those 🙂

+ NPC towns / villages, where you could accept quests, trade or hire NPCs

+ Enemy forts / villages – full of aggresive NPC's, you can pillage and loot them as true viking, if let alone too long, they would gather raiding party against you and attack you (only after you discover such fort)

+ Professions and xp system – you could choose profession with small skill tree (passive an active skills), some related to combat, other to building/crafting. possibilty to change profession like with blessings (for single player gaming / option to "lock classes" in current world) + based on profession you could have some unique recipes

+ Hiring NPC to live within your creations / give them easy tasks like grow and gather crops, cook, smite, plant and chop trees in selected area etc..

Most of these would make the game little bit alive for us "lone wolves" 🙂 But maybe it would be fun in multiplayer too

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/prrjw5/few_ideas_for_future/

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