Finished The Guide for the 1st time

Just finished The Guide completely solo for the first time (my first wipe). This is how it went:

(Runs as well as maps are in order in chronological order + some details). All of those were during the night. Every single one. Always pistol run Lab then normal gear on other maps.

Run 1

Labs (1st time ever in this map) – Fine but took too long to find exfil (by accident) – Sewers

Factory – Fine – Gate 3

Customs – Died 7 seconds in head eyes from somewhere srsly IDK as I had normal spawn NOT on the hill next to train close to dorms (for example).

Run 2

Labs – Got killed by grenade from some Chad that had full kit and was hunting me for about 3 minutes. (Tho I costed him 5 grenades hehehe)

Run 3

Labs – Fine – Vent (By accident)

Factory – Fine – Cellars exfil

Customs – Got killed by a SCAV who saw me prone in a bush at 1 AM during a storm

Run 4

Labs – Fine – Sewers

Factory – Terrible – (Tho almost died twice 1st to PMC right after we spawned then random SCAV yelling and shooting out of nowhere right after) – Gate 0

Customs – Sweaty as hell survived tons of shooting in this one. – RUAF Roadblock

Reserve – Fine – Spawned next to outer marked room. Ran around the whole map to get to descent.

Shoreline – Terrible – Spawned in Svetliy village and had to pee urgently so I ran to EAST/NORTH EAST and proned into biggest bush in middle of nothing. Came back to getting shot at from long distance with tracers. Got super sweaty and nervous. Survived with 163 hp. Hid. Fixed and healed my legs. Ran for a while. Fixed and healed the rest of my body. Followed the south part of the map Exfiltrated at CPP Temporary. (Had to go for a 10 min break because I was about to faint when the adrenaline IRL was gone.)

Interchange – Fine – Took advantage of people rushing inside. Still very frustrating as I was close to end of the quest + SCAV can still do their magic.

Woods – Fine – Forgot my keys so I had to run the whole map (spawned on the Eastern side near the roadblock) to reach the Outskirts.

Turned the quest to Peacekeeper.


From my experience and from what I read online to go Lab -> Factory -> Customs -> The rest, I would change it to Customs -> Labs -> Factory as customs is much bigger than Labs or Factory which are compact and can be done fairly quick if you know them while customs is loads of PVP, chokes and running through the whole map to the other side. That is just my preference and I will probably do it this way next wipe.

I personally haven't used my SICC case a single time (in which I carry money and keys) (I wanted on Woods but I realized that I do not have it far too late.) This might save you slot or two based on what you use.

Tips based on my experience.

  1. Go in light so your stamina lasts long (but not pistol run or no armour). I only had weapon, mags, medicine in container (salewa + morphine + propital), armour, helmet with NVG, headset and 1x Milk. I had no grenades for example.
  2. Carry morphine / propital to help you before/during/after fights with either PMC or SCAV. Morphine for quick painkiller and propital for those tiny heals to fix bleeding dmg as the shooting might attract others. (Saved me four times. 2 thanks to morphine 1 thanks to propital 1 zagustin which I looted from dead PMC so if you have slot take that too)
  3. Don't engage unless necessary. Wait for them to either start or let them pass only start if you are 100% sure you will eliminate them.
  4. Ignore all the loot.
  5. Try not to panic/focus too much or focus on "almost there almost there don't die now!"

BTW I found out (almost had an heart attack) that after I finished Labs and wanted to see how NVG will be in night factory (as I have Post FX ON and that changes the NVG quite a lot) so I hopped in, walked around for about a minute and left. I got notification that I FAILED THE GUIDE QUEST but I ACTUALLY DID NOT SO DO NOT PANIC LIKE ME if you go offline raid and leave via ESC and not exfil.

Feel free to ask anything.

That would be it from my side. Good luck to all of you out there!



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