Five-seveN solo farming for interior decorations/flea market income

So unfortunately the image post of a suppressed 5-7 I made earlier got deleted (F) so I wanted to share with everyone a kit I've been having some really good runs with on solo raids farming items for my basement home and attachments/weapons/armor to sell.

Weapon modifications for the star of the show (AKA Lil ADAR, AKA Lil P-90, AKA Sanic Speed Boolets)

  • FDE 5-7 for that stylish, Blackwater operator two-tone
  • NcSTAR blue laser (personal preference)
  • Threaded barrel for 5-7
  • FN RNR mount & Trijicon RMR combo
  • SS190 (personal preference)

In terms of your PMC, the most important piece is a big ass backpack: Attack 2, Tri-Zip (Ragman lvl2 trade for 3 ES lamps), Beta 2, Berkut, or Scav BP I guess.

Once you've got your boyscout backpack on, all ready to go out into the wild and prove to your father you're not a disappointment, I highly recommend some good armor, lvl3+ to protect all your time spent scavenging for things to renovate your damp, dirty water smelling basement home.

Running an armored rig is not a bad idea – it helps keep you lighter than a vest/rig combo, however you sacrifice some storage space. Condition is not a huge deal so don't spend too much, just enough to offer some peace of mind if caught off guard. On Factory more so than Reserve, a visor compatible helmet would not be a bad idea.

Armored rig (unless you have mom's credit card then splurge on A18 Skanda and Tactec)

  • 6B5-16 Zh -86 / 6B5-15 Zh -86 / 6B3TM-01M

Vest(lvl3+), honestly whatever's cheapest and not zero'd

  • Zhuk-3 / 6B23-1 / Kirasa / Gzhel (if you're fancy)

Bullet resistant snapbacks (too chunky for clout goggles :/)

  • SSh-68 / 6B47 (either Ratnik or flora) / Diaper helmet (or "SSSh-95" if you're boring)

Bullet resistant snapbacks (clout goggle compatible)

  • LZSh / Kiver / ZSh-1-2M

I'll reward you for having too much free time to read this by letting you pick whatever rig you want. I'll mark any of my oPiNiOnS on running this setup below

Aight so. I run Reserve for finding loose items/searching containers on the hunt for quest/hideout items and Factory for restocking my armor supply/picking up weapons/attachments to sell on the flea market. It seems a bit counter intuitive considering you can find much better weapons/armor on Reserve than Factory, however risking too many engagements with an expensive little pistol and Attack 2 can start to make your wallet cry – so in the interest of extracting with quest/hideout items, I prefer to play it stealthy and only engage defensively or opportunistically.

Factory's close quarters is a blessing for the suppressed 5-7 in my experience. Once you're spawned in stay quiet and make sure you're not getting rushed by players. Once you're clear, make your way to where everyone seems to be disagreeing with guns over whether traps are gay or not – pick up profitable goodies as you go, and don't risk being greedy once you're full, extract. If your Tarkov senses start tingling near an extract, you're prob fucked lol.

Factory's small size and usually high density of dead bodies allows you to potentially walk out with some vests/armored rigs and 2-6 guns sometimes if they're Russian folders like the Krinkov/Vityaz or single columns like the Hunter, Mosins, shotguns, or 3 pistols stacked vertically. Don't get too attached – sell them once you're out cause 0.12 said something about needing meds/water/MREs post raid, idk dude.

So what's going on y'all what's poppin


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