Found an OP use for the comms sabotage!

One of the most common scenarios in among us that I have been in, is where visual tasks are off & there are four players left and one impostor (you), and they can't decide between you and another crewmate. So most likely the crewmate will say something like "I will do a task and check the taskbar if goes up". As you probably know the comms sabotage makes the taskbar empty whether a task has been done or not, so for example he has an upload task (average time it takes is 8 seconds), so count the seconds and right as you count 7 seconds, sabotage the comms! And right as they fix the comms, call an emergency meeting (so they don't have time to check if the task bar went higher or not) and say something like "what a coincidence that a comms sabotage happend right as you 'finished' your task", now this may not immediately make people vote him out, but it will throw more sus at him.


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