Free on demand Valheim servers by the hour: looking for beta testers

Hi everyone,

I'm a devops engineer by day, and at night I've been working on a way to host Valheim servers for myself on demand to save money since I don't need them running 24/7. Everything is (or will be) controlled by a Discord bot: applying updates, restarting, downloading your world files, etc. This beta is aimed at people who don't need a server running 24/7 (12ish hours is fine, though). The Discord bot needs a lot of work and I'm interested in learning what features people would like to see.

I'm looking for anyone who's interested in free server hosting (bring your own world, or start a new one) for the duration of the beta (2-4 weeks), as long as the following apply:

– You don't need your server running 24/7

– You're willing to try out the Discord bot (turning your server off when you're not using it), and give me feedback

– You're okay with playing vanilla or ValheimPlus; currently no other mods are supported, but I'm open to adding support for others.

Not sure how much interest this will generate, but I will try to accommodate as many people as I can since I'm paying for the underlying resources out of my own pocket. I'll likely open source the code at some point, so this isn't for financial gain.

Thanks for reading, and please DM me if you're interested! I'll invite you to my Discord so we can coordinate on getting your server set up.


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