Freestyle disabled, work around (NIVIDA only ((I’m not poor and don’t have a AMD sorry homies))

Okay since NIVIDA jumped the gun and disabled Freestyle for EFT this is a work around I figured out with the help of my friend AfterNutHours. I'm sure AMD's have some type of control panel you can use to adjust your brightness settings and whatnot.

For those of you who have the master GPU Race, below are the settings we found to work good at lighting up the dark Rat-Spots ™

1: Right click on your desktop2: Click on Control panel3: Navigate to "Adjust Desktop Color Settings"

4: Press "Use NVIDIA Settings" and change Brightness to +50% , Contrast +50% , Gamma +1.50 , Digital Vibrance +90%5: Now that that is complete go to "Adjust video color settings"

6: Again, check "With the NVIDIA settings" bubble, (we are only gonna use the Color Tab) the values are as follows: +50%,+50%,+165%,+50%

7: ?????

8: Make minor tweaks once in game to suit your preference! Enjoy Killers

EDIT: Yea changing to an older Freestyle works but with the 12.5 patch they are going to disable ALL freestyle application to the game. I.E. this is gonna be your workaround. I understand you can downgrade but for those of you who want to get used to the new settings. This is it. Enjoy.

EDIT 2: "We didn't ask Nvidia to switch off Nvidia filters yet. It's planned with 12.5 patch" ~BSG


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