Well, BSG is at it again. Newest change: sometime between the wipe and now they must have shadow buffed the Cobra sight from -7 to -2 ergo. Now with the shade for it being +3 ergo, making it the only sight in the game with positive ergo!

Also apparently a NCStar P4 is now only -2 ergo? Wtf? Forgot a zero there buddy? Flir being -11, REAP -13….NCStar P4 -2. Alrighty. The Bravo is now also only -2.

Whatever. Cobra meta returns!

E: The wiki shows the changes on January 20th. "This page was last edited on 20 January 2021, at 18:39."

my mouse is on the empty box, showing the indicating changes when removing the sight: -1 ergo.

-2 +3 = + 1


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