FYI Loot containers do not spawn loot until you open them

Edit: Look how insanely toxic y'all are. I made this post to prove a point to my friends. He didn't believe how toxic this REDDIT community is. I told him "watch, I make one post about something that is not true or people think is not true and try to have a civil conversation with them and see what happens". Below you will find what happens. This is our subreddit yalk. Why do y'all act like this? Just cuz one person is wrong or right doesn't give you the right to act like Toxic Timmy and try absolutely destroy their soul. This is awful

And if I opened the container and found a dfuel and a tplug and then we went back in time and you opened that same container, it would be different.

It's all based on chance and your attention skill. This is the main reason why hackers don't even care to open containers because it's a waste of time for them cuz they don't know what's inside and there is ledx, graphics cards, and keycards etc laying around.

The new 3btg stim raises your attention skill, and this is why it's called.a looting it helps you loot faster and gives better loot. There is a direct correlation between the value of items you get when you use/don't use 3btg to loot, as well as decreasing search times etc, it's a myth that it makes high value items show up first in the container in the first slot.

There even used to be a glitch where you could reroll the loot in containers and it happens from time to.time still.

All the loading loot comments that are incoming is the loot that is laying around the map like in a Shoreline's ledx, graphics cards etc

For those of you can confirm this and know the exact specifics.or.just know in general, plz back me up as this is a very common misconception

Edit: Also, to the very toxic person in my last few comments and that other post, and the dozen or so people downvoting me, you are very wrong friend, wanna share this info give everyone the wrong info.

EDIT: The gamepedia is wrong. Not sure who changed it but it's very wrong. It's changed the wording by alot


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