Game idea dump

Maypoles, Flower/Berry Spawns, & Seed Crops should increase honey yield.

allow all items to be useable on an item stand without using a mod. Using a mod, I have shelves of monster parts in my brewing room and it looks like a skyrim alchemy shop.

The ability to make boars follow you (maybe they are stubborn at times but will continue moving after a moment) out into the forest so it can lead you to mushrooms more easily.

Better wolf pup models that aren't just smaller adult wolves. They don't look like puppies

Fertilizer/bonemeal from bone fragments to make trees or crops grow quicker

Make fish less stiff-looking when you fish them out of the water. Although I think the stiffness has a sort of charm to it.

More armor sets with unique set bonuses (like a simplistic tunic and trousers with a set bonus that reduces stamina used when working with a hoe)

Cosmetic armor slots so I can mix and match outfits

This may sound strange to people who dont know this was a thing for ancient scandanavians, but crude wooden skis for traversing the eventual deep north would be cool. Also for mountains.

Some kind of magic heavy boots (think the iron boots from ocarina of time) that allow you to walk from shore to seafloor to explore a new biome and tier of the game

the ability to mine horizontally with support beams and build below the surface as well as locate underground ore seams


Plantable finewood trees (only plantable in meadows)

More peaceable small clutter/decoration/details

Paths that give minor improvements to stamina drain
(Walking in sand vs. Walking on a sidewalk)

A new enemy event that has a chance to happen during thunderstorms

The ability to create physics-based booby traps for the outside of our bases that can be triggered by unsuspecting enemies. (Think the boulder traps found at bandit roadblock camps in skyrim)

Ponds and pond fishing for meadows. Herons and frogs can be found here and drop feathers and frog legs

Larger wagon and a yolk for loxen to pull them

Customizable ship sails

Decorate ships with shields (small increase to defense against serpents)

More small critters and wildlife

More alternate biome music and day/night/weather triggered music. MORE SAILING MUSIC

Armor stands

Weapon racks

Craftable barrels and crates that have minimal storage slots. Mostly for decoration.

Buckets that can collect water

Water wells along with a change to brewing (and sometimes cooking) to require water.

Better furniture sitting animation/pose

Target dummies and archery targets. Arrows that are shot into dummies or targets do not despawn and can be collected

New roof type pieces that looks like overturned ship hulls (similar to companions mead hall in skyrim)

Plantable dead trees or the ability to burn a tree's leaves away and create dead trees.

A fire spread system that is connected to the wind system a la breath of the wild. various material types have either vulnerability or immunity to fire. (toggleable in settings or maybe world creation)

Lightning strikes can create dead tree variants based on tree type. Also a small chance to destroy trees (complete with particle effects of embers and wood shrapnel) and cause them to fall over.

Mining large boulders is now more connected to the games physics system. Large rocks break into small rocks that can be pushed around like logs and need to be mined and collected like wood. This also applies to unsupported/overhanging sections of rock formations. They can now break off and fall onto the ground like boulder chunks.

Generally just more stuff needs to play with the physics engine


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