Game Maps Escape from Tarkov big update!!

Hi Guys, I write you to update you about the work I have been doing lately improving the Overwolf app for the Game Maps website.

  • New look and feel and UX. Redesigned the whole app and implementation trying to make it look better and work in a snappier way.
  • Quests-> You can now track the quests you are playing from the map itself.
  • Pre Raid window -> Will automatically select the map you are playing for you and give you the option to favorite a map of each category.
  • Extended markers -> Extendable system for markers where I can add any marker to any map in an easy way, making it easier to update the maps in the future.
  • Items to keep -> You can track the items to keep for your hideout and your future quests with the app (currently under development, only accessible in the website)
  • Login/Register -> Register to track your progress on quests and items and share that info between the website and the app.
  • Subscribers -> You can now subscribe to the app to remove the advertisement and support the development.

You can find the Overwolf companion app in the following link:

or the usual website section

I put a lot of work on this, I hope you guys enjoy it!


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