Get Your Tasks Done Faster – Crewmate Video Tutorial

Posted a week ago but new to reddit so couldn’t post on this sub for a week.

Made a video on doing tasks faster. Most people seem to take forever, and I think it mostly just comes down to people not routing out the order they do their tasks in meaning they have to revisit the same rooms multiple times rather than doing everything in an orderly fashion.

First time editing any kind of video so I would love any constructive criticism 🙂 Mostly made it to help people and to try and overcome my fear of public speaking (my hands were literally just shaking recording voice overs for this LOL) so hopefully this is a step in the right direction, took a lot to actually get the confidence to post but want to give content creation a go. Trying to learn to speak clearer too as I know it's an issue which is why I've always been worried about posting 🙁

Might work on an imposter and crewmate video as well that go into more detail on strategies for them. Every other tip video I've seen is very generic and not very in depth, tried to do a bit of a better job (though fast pace tip videos seems to be the trend now, I still prefer the ones that explain more).

Any advice is appreciated <3


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