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Hello there,

I recently saw a lot of complaints about stuttering and poor graphical performances, so i decided to commit this :

Quick disclaimer:

  • This is what I did to get better frames and get rid of stutters in Tarkov. It worked for me and may not work for you depending on how old and up to date your OS, hardware, etc… is.
  • You are doing this at your own “risk”, if you blow up your data or your OS, it’s on you.
  • English is not my first language, so i apologize in advance for any grammatical error or weird sentences.

My PC stats:


Asus Z490-F

M.2 970 EVO 500GB (System + Tarkov)

SSD 850 EVO 250 GB + 860 QVO 1TB (games + data).

GTX 1070 8GB

32 GB DDR4 3600 MHZ C18 (Yes it’s trash tier, but i’m no Cresus)

Monitor : Iiyama G-MASTER GB2760HSU-B1 1080p 144hz

I consider it being a mid-tier rig. In factory and labs I run 144 fps. On average 90 fps on the other maps.

Having a “good” OS.

I’m an IT guy and I like when my OS runs smooth and clean. Windows beeing… Windows, I reinstall it every 6 to 12 month max. In my opinion it is very important to have a clean OS if you want to have the best gaming experience out of your computer.

If you want a guide to properly reinstall your Windows follow this link :

Your Windows is fresh and ready to go ? Stop right there, go to your motherboard manufacturer website, find your motherboard model and do EVERY update you can.

BIOS updates are also important, it can improve your general performances.

For your GPU driver, it seems that the latest NVIDIA driver is causing issues with Tarkov. I’m running the 461.72 version and having no troubles so far.

You can find older versions of NVIDIA driver right here :

For AMD users, sorry I don’t run any AMD gpu right now.

So, moving on. As I said before : Windows being Windows, it needs some tweaking. As a debloater I use :

Really simple to use : run the program as admin, drop down menu “Actions” -> “Recommended and Somewhat recommended settings” -> Create a restore point : Yes -> Close the programme -> Restart -> Done !

You can also use but I had stability issues with it in the past, so I don’t really recommend it. And it’s also less easy to use.

Debloaters turns off all the nasty things Windows does in the background and you don’t need.

And last but not least : Graphic settings

For this part I followed this guide : from : Panjno

Big shoutout to him and his work.

His guide is pretty much up to date, the only differences are in regards to Binaural Audio, V-Sync and MIP streaming. All of them were added in 12.10 (V-Sync was “fixed” so you don’t need to turn on anymore).

It works for AMD and NVIDIA, it’s really easy to do and relatively quick.

All this worked really well for me, i was running 60 fps factory, 40 something on other maps. As i said before now max fps on factory and good stable fps on other maps.

So, that’s it, I hope it helps. Thanks for reading, see you on the battlefield !


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