Grizzly: Is it worth it?

The costs and benefits of the Grizzly.

A grizzly has healing points of 1800, heals fractured limbs, and gets rid of blood loss. The cost at the beginning of wipe is 50k, at mid wipe it would be around 30k, end of wipe it would be 20k. After you have either died in a raid or gotton out but low on health, you can either use the end screen healing option at a 0 ruble – 7k ruble cost OR you can just use the grizzly, effectively fixing everything including fractures.

Downsides of the Grizzly.

All good things have an Achilles Heel, one of those good things is the Grizzly, with its 5s use time, compared to its medical counter parts such as the Salewa, and the IFAK. The Salewa and IFAK both have 3s use times, making them more ideal for quick fights. If your in a fast paced battle against a person/persons, and you are getting push while injured, quickly healing with the Grizzly is not ideal, along with the time of pulling out your gun and adsing, fighting just depends on the situation.

Is it worth it?

It all comes down to the gear you are using, if you are going heavily geared (tier 5 and 6), the Grizzly is viable. There are also tons of other medical items you can use, for example, stims, Salewas and IFAKS, etc. If you want to take that risk of having longer usage times for the Grizzly and a higher cost, its all up to you, as long as you know what play style you want to play.

I know I'm going to get quite a bit of criticism for this post, but this is all just my opinion. So correct me if I made any mistakes in this post and I'll be sure to correct it.


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