Guide: How not to spawn at Trailer Park

So, for the first time this wipe, I spawned at middle north of the map. I didn't even remember this spawn existing, so long has it been.

Here's how to do it:

РDownload BES ( Battle Encoder Shiras̩)- Start a game- After "Loading Map" (or more precisely, after finding a match), limit Tarkov by e.g. -33%- When the countdown timer starts, simply unlimit the process again- Discover spawns you've never seen before!

As an additional calculation, let's look at what's your spawn rate if your RIG is better than 90% of the other players' RIG (assuming 10 players):


Interesting is, that even if your RIG is only average, using this method you'll still be able to see spawns you've never seen before (e.g. your chance to spawn at Pos#10 is 0.1% with an average RIG (and 0.00000001% with the RIG of the calculation))


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