[Guide] How to correctly use G-Sync / Free Sync with Tarkov (Smooth gameplay)

Hello everyone,

I experimented with some gsync / freesync related settings for tarkov and found out how to fully utilize gsync in tarkov for smooth gameplay – this had the biggest impact on my game smoothness overall, even playing on 60-80 the game feels much smoother than before.

I have not seen any optimization guide or any post mentioning this before so I decided to post it.

Unfortunately, there is also a bug in tarkov that occurs sometimes which cause gsync to not fully work – I will explain how to detect when you have the bug and how to fix it.

There are very specific settings which allow to fully utilize gsync / freesync in tarkov and just enabling gsync alone in nvidia control panel will not be enough.

It also significantly mitigates the bad frametimes tarkov have as a game, if you want a full technical explanation I added links to the articles explaining it below.

For full information regarding how the combination of these settings works:




In tarkov settings -> graphics:

Screen mode: Fullscreen

NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency: on and boost

Use your native resolution.

In Nvidia control panel (in the tarkov specific program):

Low Latency Mode: On

Vertical sync: On

In Nvidia control panel -> Enable G-SYNC fully for full screen mode and enable settings for the selected display model checkbox.

Limit your fps to 3 fps below your monitor refresh rate – Preferably use rivatuner statistics server instead of the nvidia setting (My monitor highest refresh rate is 144hz and so I limit my fps to be 141 in RTSS).

The bug:

Tarkov have a bug where it will report in the menu 60 fps limit but the monitor will actually operate on high refresh rate:

You can see it when running fps 1 in tarkov menu and seeing the fps in the top right to be 60,

But when you open your monitor OSD it will show 144 HZ instead of around 60.

if you see it – it means the solution isn't fully working for you and you need to try to disable and re-enable the gsync through nvidia control panel or restart tarkov / pc.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/pc9vus/guide_how_to_correctly_use_gsync_free_sync_with/

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