[GUIDE] I see your Audio Compression guide and I raise you my Audio Compression guide.

Hi frens!

A few days ago I saw this amazing guide on how to not make your ears bleed in the game: >>LINK<<

Since tinnitus and hear loss is super dangerous I wanted to make another guide to help you guys not lose your hearing and maybe hear a step or two more in the game.


So as Remember_ThisIsWate already explained in his post: "A compressor reduces the volume difference between the loudest parts and the quietest parts of an audio signal. Essentially, when the volume goes above a certain level, the entire volume is reduced. This effectively means that quiet sounds remain as they are (e.g. footsteps, background noise), and all sounds are quieter while loud sounds are occurring (e.g. not only will gunshots be quieter, but all sounds will be quieter while gunshots are occurring)." (sry for the copy-pasta)

The GUIDE (f you peacekeeper)

We are gonna use another setup and the software we are gonna use is called VoiceMeeter Banana and since most of us don't have dedicated sound cards we are gonna use another tool called VB-CABLE Virtual Audio Device from the same guys. All the software is free to use unless you wanna donate to this amazing team.

VoiceMeeter Banana: >>DOWNLOAD LINK<<

VB-CABLE Virtual Audio Device: >>DOWNLOAD LINK<<

Step 1: Download and install VoiceMeeter Banana


Step 2: Download an install VB-CABLE Virtual Audio Device


Step 3: Restart PC

Step 4: Go to Sound Settings and click on Sound Control Panel


Step 5: Scroll down an make CABLE Input your default audio device.


Step 6: Had one step too much don't wanna change everything. xD

Step 7: Right click the CABLE Input and select properties, go to advance tab and change Default Format to 16bit, 48000hz. If you leave it at 24bit you will probably experience sound lag in game bcs the size is too big. Don't worry though it will not affect your sound quality.

Step 8: Do the same 16bit, 48000hz for your headphones in my case its the Speakers PRO just above Cable Input.

Step 9: Type Banana in your search and open Voicemeeter banana. Careful though if you don't type banana you could end up with basic Voicemeeter which doesn't have compression.

Step 10: Top Left under Hardware Input put WDM: CABLE Output (VB-Audio Virtual Cable) and than top right find A1, click there and find WDM: Your Headphones here** in my case its Speakers (PRO).


Step 11: Now comes the sweet part of tuning up your compression. I was testing a bit and found that the compression ratio of 3 with -3dB works fine so guns don't scare the shit out of you and you having hearing like you are wearing a Phonak. So the more compression you put the more it will squish the top and bottom sounds but will make everything louder which you balance with removing dB from the balance or just plain reduce the volume on your headphones.



Have fun, and don't kill me when I wiggle pls. 🙂

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/og3ebt/guide_i_see_your_audio_compression_guide_and_i/

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